You Are The Dream Keeper

Written by Life Coach TracyMac

There are two ways you can keep your dreams. You can keep them growing by living them, or you can keep them by holding them hostage. Which one are you doing? It’s not a difficult question to answer, because you already know and if they’re being held hostage, only you know. If you are keeping them alive, there is always evidence because they are living as a result of the action you consistently breathe into them. But what if you are holding your dreams hostage?

Holding your purpose, best thoughts, visions and dreams hostage day after day by not allowing them to consistently live through you assigns them tasks that frustrate and tease your life. When you are frustrated for no apparent reason, could it be you aren’t giving the purpose of your dream a way out and its frustrated too? Maybe you feel the responsibility of your dream is too big or weighty and you only want the easy parts, or the aspects you are most familiar with. Only wanting a little bit of your dream is like a little bit pregnant. But like being pregnant, you may start off not showing, and a dream that is free to grow will show!

Tracy_Poised Magazine Ad Aug-Sept 2014I wrote my first song in 1986. It was just a little chorus. But after writing that chorus, I continued writing lyrics and began to write poetry. The poetry evolved into lessons plans, courses and then curriculums. I dreamed of writing a book, but I couldn’t see how those few words would ever become a book. I got discouraged and for years didn’t write much of anything. But as I continued on my journey of self-discovery I found myself meeting people who were inspired by some of my song lyrics, poems, courses, quotes and curriculums. And wouldn’t you know it, those little words grew me and themselves into my first book and I’ll soon be releasing my second! I set my words free and they helped free that dream. My dream was bigger than a word or a song, but that’s where it started.

You have to start somewhere and sometime. Now is here and is always ready! Your quality of life and the eternity in your purpose are depending on you to set your dream free! Your dream has been with you all your life, let it live, go and grow! Your best thoughts, visions and dreams never die, and they’ll thrive with your life’s support. You may have thought you were waiting on them but they are waiting on you. There may be underlying thoughts of self-doubt and some self-ignorance and other possible hindrances. Know the hindrances are alive and well and they know your dreams too. So what dream can you breathe action into to overcome them? Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. The possibility of your dream coming true is waiting to be freed by you!