Trending Eyewear Styles For Fall And Winter

Written by Lorraine Laddish

I accompanied my husband to the eyewear store this weekend and I was blown away by the style choices for the fall and winter season. For me, glasses are just another fashion accessory, both functional and fun. While he got his eyes checked, I browsed the style trends for the fall. Here are some of my favorites:

Cat eye frames are a classic, but this season they’re larger than usual and even a little more upturned than they used to be. I find this particular frame flattering for older women – myself included – because it helps give the eye a visual lift. They look terrific as prescription wear and also as sunglasses.

Frames with embellishments. Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling. Embellishments make your eyewear as appealing as jewelry. From understated encrusted studs to diamond-like adornments, these add-ons give some sparkle to your look when the skies turn grey.

If you like round frames, you´re in luck. They´re trending! Thick or thin-rimmed—your choice. Big or small—it´s up to you and your personality. Bright colors—dare to try them on, you might be pleasantly surprised. If they´re a good fit, go for them.

Oversized frames
This is especially good news for those of us who wear progressive lenses. The larger the frame the better our prescriptions will fit them. When you wear them, own them. Don´t make excuses. Glam up, go all out, and look striking and fashionable!

Funky shapes
Eyewear is getting funkier by the season. No matter what size or shape, if you dare to wear them, they´re IN. That’s fabulous news for those who want to stand out and make a statement. Bold, colorful, funky—be yourself.

Ombré lenses on sunglasses
Fall and winter are perfect for a degradé lens. The sun is not as strong as in the summer, but the glare from overcast days can be just as uncomfortable on the eyes. Now´s the time to pull out those ombré shades.

Transitions lenses
Just like the leaves are turning in winter, Transitions® lenses turn darker when you step outside. They always filter just the right amount of light. These are perfect for fall and winter, so you don´t have to carry two sets of prescription glasses. The same frame with these lenses will adapt to changing light.

Why I like Transitions® lenses
I’ve been wearing Transitions lenses for most of this year. I´m so satisfied with them, that when I accompanied my husband on his yearly eye exam, I pushed for him to get Transitions too. Because this will be his first pair, I suggested he try Transitions Signature lenses. These incorporate the new Chromea7™ technology, which allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect sunlight, to better capture reflected sunlight, which will help him while driving.
I also own Transitions Vantage lenses, which turn darker than the Signature lenses. I use Signature on my cat eye SEE frames with bling. I use Vantage on my oversized frames because I like how they perform outdoors when the sun is in full force.

There are different types of Transitions everyday lenses (Transitions Signature lenses, Transitions XTRActive lenses & Transitions Vantage lenses) each designed for specific lifestyle requirements. If you would like to test them, sign up to receive free trial decals.

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Lorraine C. Laddish is a Bilingual and bicultural Latina editor, writer, blogger, online influencer and mom. Founder of Viva Fifty! Published author of 17 books.

Image via Transitions® Vantage™ lenses © Viva Fifty Media