6 Fall Essentials That Get It Done!

Written by Jodie Patterson — Founder of DooBop Beauty.com

I’m going to be brutally honest. Although it’s still hot outside, the summer mentality is over. Fall is right around the corner and our lazy summer habits have to go! September is all about deadlines, dates and deliverables. In every way possible, we now have to ‘get it done’.

I’m giving you 6 products that deliver results, are easy to apply and have you looking great in seconds.



It takes a bit of effort and product to go from curly to straight. Purely Perfect Smooth Finish  — is barely detectable. And less product means less styling time for me! Plus it heat protects. Viola!

DevaCurl light holding gel
I like a lot of movement with hair. Gel typically doesn’t allow for that. This one is different. I love it because it locks out humidity and locks in your style. I take a dime size and apply it right before blow-drying to wet hair.




Verso day cream
Remember this word -Retinol It sounds super medicinal but it’s the sexiest thing in beauty. Essentially it makes you glow by reducing fine lines and dark spots. And it works fast! The first time I tried it I was like I’ll take two of those pls!

Vichy toner
Toners are one of the most under appreciated steps in our beauty routine. They reset our PH balance, close up pores and give us a clean slate to work with. Toning is a must if you want great skin. This one moisturizes with Shea plant extract.




Damon Roberts brow gel
Summer just ended and your skin is looking it’s best. It has a healthy, natural glow. Let me tell you what you don’t need: A face full of make up. What you DO need is a beautiful brow and lip. Damone Roberts is THE eyebrow king. His gel shapes and tints your brows to perfection.

Belmacz lip-gloss
To top it all off I apply just the right amount of color, shine and gold to my lips. Yes, real gold. I’m in love!

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