Breast Cancer Awareness – Kids Wear Pink Too

Written by Jen-Ai Childress

Author Jen-Ai Childress creates books for children that invite us all to be “big girls.” Her recent titles London Giselle Hall Presents My Beautiful Mommy and Kids Wear Pink Too, were inspired by Melody Whitaker Hall and her five-year-old daughter, Lauren, who faced losing her mother to breast cancer.

Most of us focus on the cancer patient and neglect the children who suffer silently in the confusing world of chemotherapy, radiation – and change. It is the author’s hope that her books will help families better include young children in their cancer conversations and help children better express their feelings about how cancer affects the parents they love.


Melody Whitaker was first diagnosed in 2006 with stage two breast cancer. By 2010, it had metastasized and she had begun receiving chemotherapy. Her daughter started school in 2013 and the high-spirited Melody still keeps Lauren and others full of hope.

Mrs. Childress’ mother and Bennett sister were both diagnosed with cancer in 2006. Unfortunately, she lost her mother in 2010. Melody continues to fight stage 4 Mestastatic Breast Cancer. Every year, Mrs. Childress and her Bennett sisters walk for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk and raise money for Melody’s Divas. The goal for this group is to foster a legacy for her five year old daughter, Lauren Hall.

Kids Wear Pink Too will be available in late October.