You have to Decide AND it’s Always a Choice

Written by Renee Miller, MBA, Executive/Personal Coach and Speaker

We all want to experience a fulfilling life; sometimes it’s a long lost desire like a dream deferred. The question of “how” comes up ALL the time. The how is not as important as the unequivocal yes! When you desire a life that edifies your spirit, speaks volumes to what you sense is possible and is totally aligned with the meaning and purpose of your life, you must make a decision and then choose to have it. This is essential because it fuels your ability to be empowered, clear and focused.

So you might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a decision and a choice. A decision is a commitment. Choice comes from choose, which refers to an act of accepting, receiving, allowing, selecting, or preferring. An example of the two is, when you decide to have a great life no matter what and choose what the steps are to have it. When you take those steps it will require you to enhance your mindset, actions and associations.

Once you have decided, start choosing to have IT… the happiness, positive lifestyle, dream, health, impact… (fill your words). You will be given a wonderful feeling of empowerment! Empowerment is your ability to recognize your inner strength and belief that you able to influence circumstances, events and outcomes. It is essential take a close look at your thoughts and feelings to tune in to your power and possibility.
So many people do not move forward because they are not clear on the exact details of the How. I once heard Les Brown in so many words say, make the decision and begin to choose and “the how is none of your business”. I definitely, agree that when you are empowered and you choose what you want, the how gets clearer as a result of your commitment.

It not uncommon in this society to live a life in a state of being overwhelmed, discouraged and “taken out” to what possibilities are available. When you make a decision, not a wish, hope, half hearted attempt, but a decision to have the bold and fulfilling life, you will gain laser focus. This is due to the decision that you made that it is yours and you will have it. The internal and external distractions become a muted reality because you are going for your inherent potential. It will be like riding the wave of “I got this” and the “how” unfolds moment by moment.

Make a decision and life will unfold with lots of choices. Decide daily to have a full life and choose to give yourself permission to have it.