Weekend Getaways for One

Written by Robin Caldwell

Do you need to hear your own thoughts? Consider a weekend getaway just for you.

It is just a little too easy to plan a fabulous weekend alone at home. You know that plan, right? You have made that plan that involves turning off the telephone, not answering text messages or the door, and luxuriating in quiet. The same plan probably has a spa treatment or two and reading one or more of the books in a stack on the shelf. Of course, it never happens.

However, a weekend getaway can happen with some planning. You are more apt to enjoy the experience if you have to invest in it, so here are a few ideas to whet your appetite for adventure.

Rent someone else’s house
Homeaway.com has a listing of houses to rent all around the world. Figure out the amenities you need to be comfortable such as an outdoor Jacuzzi, a beachside location, and decide on a budget as in how much per night do you want to spend, and the site will make recommendations based on availability. Short and long-term vacation rentals are a trend in 2015, and as far as safety goes, a single woman should be quite safe.

Tour your own town
Check into that bed and breakfast or hotel you have been curious about, and create your own tour itinerary. Most of us are too busy to explore our own cities, so this would be a great way to appreciate home while stealing away for some me time. Make reservations at a new restaurant, table for one, and end the evening with a night cap at cozy bar.

Don’t curb your enthusiasm
Pursue an interest by booking a weekend workshop or master class, and checking into a nearby hotel. If you have always wanted a little more training in yoga, dance, art, writing or even mountain climbing, find a continuing education or advanced program that meets on the weekend in another city or nearby state.

Romance yourself
Pack up that little black dress, fab pumps and accessories, and hit the road for a solo romantic getaway. Travel to a city that has a great nightlife and treat yourself to a concert or play, an amazing meal prepared at a chef’s table, and if a horse-drawn carriage is available, take a ride under the moonlight. Create a memorable weekend just for you.

Go on a treasure hunt
Summer offers a multitude of thrift shopping, flea market, yard sale, estate sale and garage sale opportunities. Do a little digging online and map out an excursion that leads you right to the best out-of-the-way places to hunt down those bargains and rare finds. Stay in an inexpensive but nice hotel on your route.

There are so many creative ways to travel solo on the weekend. The best place to begin is within you; decide what you want to do and the possibilities are endless. The enjoyment is endless too.