What do I want?

Written by Sheri Riley — Certified Personal Development and Leadership Coach, and Founder of Exponential Living©

A few months ago, this question haunted me for weeks?

I was working on the fifth or sixth draft of my book proposal. Throughout the process, I sought and received the expertise of professionals in the publishing field. After several drafts and many, many months, the “final” draft was not aligned with what I wanted. This version had a little bit of what everyone said it needed but the core of the document had moved far away from what I truly wanted.

I stopped and asked myself, “What do I want?”

In the beginning, we know what we want and along the way we can move away from our truth. It’s not enough to just ask ourselves at the beginning “What do I want”, we must keep this question in the forefront throughout the process.

In my situation with my book proposal, I allowed what other people wanted to direct me so much that what I wanted was stretched beyond what was true for me.

There’s nothing wrong with listening to and acting upon the experience, expertise, and knowledge of people I trust to help direct my steps. I’m paying some of these amazing professionals and expect them to provide me this information. But I must always keep asking myself, what do I want and continue to ask until I am clear on the answer.

I’m now asking you this question. What do you want? I mean really, really want? Not what will pay the bills. Not what will look good on a resume. Not what will make you more popular. What is the still small voice in your gut, heart, and mind saying to you that you WANT?

We all have some things that are deeply rooted in our spirit that we know we really want, but are too afraid to actually speak or pursue.

I challenge you to spend quiet time with yourself answering the question, what do I want. Be very honest with yourself.

In asking myself this question, spending quality time with myself to accept the answer, I’ve received so much freedom. For me, many of the things I was involved with and/or preparing to do were not aligned with what I really wanted.

During my December planning, instead of adding things to my 2015 plan, my time was spent removing many activities that were distractions. This has given me the clarity to accelerate my accomplishments in the first three weeks of the year. I am making decisions, owning my choices, and courageously living in my truth of what I want.

When I stood for what I wanted, cut away everything else, not only did my vision become clear but I delivered a final version of my book proposal that everyone agreed is FABULOUS!!!!

Through my 9 P.O.W.E.R Principles of Exponential Living® and as a Founding member of the John Maxwell Team, I work with individuals to stop spending 100% of our time on 10% of who we are®. I help people make choices that lead to more peace, less stress, and better clarity, which expands our career success to life success. I would love you to join me on this journey of Exponential Living®.

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