‘Tis The Season to Decorate

Written by Kesha Franklin, Founder of The Beautiful Experience Interior Designs

Decorating for the holidays is a great time to express your love and excitement for the season, however, from a design standpoint; you may feel like there’s a clash with the colors in the decor of your home and the vibrant festive colors of holiday decorations. My solution for this dilemma is, decorate with holiday’s items that compliment your interior decor. In this feature image the homeowners have a dining room painted in a deep rich red, adding red and white decorations creates a uniformed look and feel that adds a sophisticated touch to the dining room, perfect for the holidays. With all of the beautiful Christmas decorations on the market today there is no color scheme that can’t be complimented from jewel tones, rustic earth tones, and modern black and whites to vibrant primary colors. So don’t get stuck with traditional Christmas decor, incorporate colors that will personalize the holiday experience to you and your home.

Theme the Tree

treethemeDecorating the tree is my favorite part of the holiday season. Tree trimming has come a long way from red and green flashing lights and glass ball ornaments. Today a tree with a theme is all the rave! Whether your theme is decorating with stars, icicles, birds, snowmen or using a color scheme, like black and white, purple and gold or an all white tree, having a focus for your tree trimmings can have you decorating your tree like a pro! And last but not least, get creative and adorn the top of your tree with something other than a star, use feathers, a cluster of oversized ornaments or for a kid inspired tree use a stuffed animal for a whimsical look the kids will love!


Holiday Wish

holiday wish is all about creativity, fun and family so what better way to incorporate all three than with a chalkboard personalized with a holiday phrase or poem, a verse from your favorite Christmas song, a whose been naughty or nice list, a Christmas wish or better yet, a countdown to Christmas day! The chalkboard can be displayed above the fireplace as shown in our feature image or as artwork in your living room, on the buffet in your dining room or at the entrance of your home for a warm personalized welcome. If you have small kids you can write a message from Santa every week leading up to his anticipated arrival! Whatever you choose to display, have fun with this creative touch to your .


Chandelier Trimmings

chandelier trimmingsLights are a key part of holiday decorating, so why not trim the light fixtures as well. Adding ornaments, garland and/or ribbon to your chandelier is a great, easy way to add a decorative touch to your home for the holiday season. The glow of light reflecting off the ornaments will add sparkle and a festive look to your table decor and dining experience. You can also decorate your table and floor lamps with Christmas trimmings to complete the decorative holiday lighting experience in your home. Guests will feel that they’ve been transported to a place filled with beauty, wonder and holiday bliss!



As always, I’m excited about the holidays, not only because of the much-needed down time, but the opportunity to celebrate this special time of year with my family and friends! The holidays are about laughter, love, thanks, gift giving and heartfelt emotions for our loved ones. This season I wish you all the best it has to offer!

BE Cheerful, BE Festive, BE Inspired, BE Loved, BE POISED!

Experience Something Beautiful…


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