The Thanksgiving Main Attraction

Written by Chef Dawn Tyson

A holiday celebrated in the United States that depicts the “First Thanksgiving” which was the celebration of the Pilgrim’s first harvest in 1621 after arriving in the “New World”. Okay, we all should know the history of Thanksgiving but it has evolved from that first celebration. Some people are celebrating their “end of harvest”. But most are going to their neighborhood grocery store with lists of ingredients to make this or that. Being a Chef I am not always afforded the day off on Thanksgiving but when I’m off I do love to celebrate with family and friends. As a matter of fact one year, when I was staying with my sister, we ordered a whole “feast in a box”. It was really good. The company used fresh ingredients and it was well cooked and even gave us a choice of desserts. That year I gave thanks for my sisters company and not having to cook. Thanksgiving is a holiday for giving “Thanks” that is all about food, friends and family; what could be better than that. Yes, I have to say that it is my favorite holiday.

There is always the centerpiece – the turkey – huge, plump and fabulous. My Mother was the “Turkey cooker” in my family. I wonder if it is a handed down recipe or tradition? In my family I think it is. My great grand mother handed the “trade secrets” down to my grand mother then was passed to my mother and I have to say now my baby sister cooks a mean turkey. Our celebration can get to be as much as seventy people so everyone brings something. We have Puerto Rican Pernil from my Aunt, apple pies from my older sister, lo mien from my sister in law and much more. I love all the international flavors brought to our table.

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