Summer White Hair

Written by Yesenia Hernandez

Summer color and cut has always been a tradition in the fashion world but the movers and shakers of today can always change tradition. Mature women are just that. They no longer look for their favorite magazines to tell them where to shop, dine or wear. They take these once set-in-stone rules and use them as guidelines. After all what is fashion if you cannot express your own individual beauty and poise.

I see more women embracing their natural hair all the way around, from their naturally curly hair to their naturally straight hair. Pride has hit an all time high and the fashion world has accepted this fact. There is no turning back from the true trendsetters of today. Many mature women are tossing out their boxed color along with their boxed relaxers and loving it. There is no stopping this wavy of freedom. White hair is no longer for the grandma who made cookies for us when we were in diapers. It is for the adult women who seize the day.

Summer white hair is easier than you think. Yes I know! It is wiry and has a mind of its own at times but when it’s lassoed in with the correct products amazing things can happen. One of the top complaints I hear about white/silver hair is its ability to grab the dyes that make products look appealing. My advice to you is go colorless. This will be a big help and cut back on the yellowing that can occur in your crown and glory.

If for any reason your silver curls turn yellow try SoftSheen Bantu Yellow Out. Bantu has been around for years and was originally designed to remove the yellow cast chemical perms left on the hair. It also has a new use in the natural hair community. Bantu Yellow Out may cut back the wiriness some silver beauties struggle with in their hair. It also can bring your white hair back to life after using a product with heavy dyes. You may need to use the Yellow Out more then one shampoo and conditioning to see top results, but it’s worth it.

With summer comes fun in the sun. This can be anything from splashing in seawater to hitting your pool. Whatever you fancy, be sure to use conditioners that are white in nature and hydrating to the hair no matter what type of water you swim in. Adding a leave-in conditioner and not oil to your hair prior to swimming can help your tress not yellow in the sun. One of my personal favorites is Hair 180° Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler. I can tell you first hand it keeps my white streak looking pristine!

For the ladies that love to wear their silver mane in braids, be careful of the hair you buy. Be sure you can shampoo it before you wear it. The chemicals that are used to process some hairs can dry your natural tress and/or letch dyes into your crisp white mane. This is not something that happens all the time but it has happened to women I know.

Enjoy wearing your white!

Yesenia Hernandez is the author of The Book of Natural Hair Questions& Answers From a Stylist’s Perspective, and the owner of SenKay Natural Hair Studio. Follow Yesenia on Twitter @SenkayHair.

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