Writers’ Guidelines
Poised Magazine invites submissions of content that will make our reader’s lifestyle better. We encourage all Poised readers to take part in the ongoing conversation aimed at redefining the way Black women over 40 are seen in the culture, and how we see ourselves. Previously unpublished non-fiction work is preferred, though we will make exceptions for published articles that are a particularly good fit. We’re also open to joint posts with already-established bloggers.

Expert Analysis: We’re looking for writers to share their knowledge and to discuss the story behind the story. In addition to covering current events, we are particularly interested in submissions from experts in beauty, fashion, politics, finance and entertainment. We want to cover women in politics, women in the arts, trends in advertising and marketing to women, retirement planning, and other issues of interest to Poised readers.

Culture and Media: Book, film, music, and art reviews and other cultural critiques are always welcome. We recognize that media coverage of African American women over 40 is sparse, and the representations of women in and beyond menopause are often inaccurate or incomplete. Articles that identify the best and worst examples of media coverage, including television programs, advertisements, and magazine articles are especially encouraged.

Perspectives: We consider personal essays about our lives, work, passions, and history, including commentary on going against conventional wisdom, stories about triumphing over the unexpected, and essays about everyday life that reinforce the adage “the personal is political.”

Suggested Length
Entries should be 400 and 1000 words

Writers become eligible for compensation after we have accepted and published three of their posts. Our compensation rate is fifty dollars per post for no more than two posts per month. Writers may of course write for us more than twice a month, but there is a compensation cap of $100 per month.

After reaching eligibility, the writer should contact the editors with a letter of intent to become a regular contributor.   Poised Magazine considers each request for compensation on a case-by-case basis with an eye toward reliability and match with our mission. We want to say yes. The more familiar voices we offer on Women’s Voices, the better!

Send us your idea in a short pitch—a paragraph will do—and we’ll get back to you about what comes next. Short proposals, including your writing credentials, can be sent to the email Submissions should be in document form and sent as attachments.

We would appreciate a short bio with your submission and may request a photo after acceptance.

Submissions will be edited with input from the writer. We publish submissions only with the writer’s approval. All submissions become the property of Poised Magazine.