When What You Said and What You Did…Don’t Align

Written by Jewel Carter, Author – F$#* Excuses Act REVOLUTIONARY!

I once read somewhere that the difference between dreams and goals is “the written words”. In other words, if you are not writing down your GOALS, than you’re just dreaming. Don’t get me wrong, dreams are all well and good at the end of a long hard day after you’ve taken that hot bath and you climb into that nice big bed with that fresh from the dryer smell and warmth. You close your eyes and everything you’ve ever wanted, like magic, poof, appears before your eyes.

Then the alarm clock goes off and reality sets in and as bad as you want to just turn over and pick up where you left off…you got to get up and face the fact that the only thing that’s changed, is the day. Now this may even be one of those days that you say is “going to be different”. You’re going to be productive. You’re going to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time. Perhaps you’re going to finish that project that’s been sitting in the corner of your dining room for months (I know I’m not the only one). You’re going to do SOMETHING…right?

Then “it” happens. The phone rings, or you run out of milk, or your neighbor asks for a ride to the other side of town. Your plans are altered and you get caught up in the moment, the hour, and the day. Then the day is over and as you climb back into that nice warm bed you think to yourself “damn! I’ll do it tomorrow”…next week…in 2014! Sound familiar?

Well, as we sneak up or blast into 2016 it doesn’t matter if your goal is finding a new love a new house or creating a new career. Without a plan of action (in writing), you’re setting yourself up for if not failure than delays! Think of it as planning a day trip. You’ve got very specific places that you want to see. You’re not really sure how to get there. Do you just get in the car and occasionally ask people on the street or do you get a map and plot your own course?

Some people only write out goals that pertain to their career paths. Is that all you really care about? Of course not, so here are my suggestions for areas of your life that you want to develop your goals in…
Physical/Mental & Spiritual Health

WRITE THEM DOWN!! Not only that, look at them, carry them around with you. Do something every day that will bring you closer to accomplishing that goal. And, whenever you are faced with making a difficult decision ask yourself this… “Does this decision bring me closer or further from my goal?”

Let’s do something revolutionary in 2016…by creating a plan of action now while we are still in 2014. Happy New Year; I hope that yours is filled with fewer dreams and possibilities and more actuality and realities!