Poised Salutes the Encore Bride

Written by Valerie Royal

As we head into wedding season, brides all over the world are preparing for their special day. Not to be overlooked are those brides who are planning a second wedding or recommitment ceremony. We celebrate these 2nd time brides or, as the team at Poised likes to call them – the Encore Brides – as they prepare to marry their intended with a certain patience, elegance and calm not typically characteristic of most brides.

James-Van-Der-Zee.2-e1362103864678According to several reports, Encore Brides are responsible for a steady increase in wedding business in recent years. While neophyte brides tend to focus on tradition and seeking all of the bells and whistles a wedding could possibly have; second-time brides typically take a position that is contrary, but equally exciting for their big day. Many encore brides decide to approach their second wedding in a decidedly understated manner. The benefit of doing so is the elimination of potential distractions and the added stress of the perceived over-the-top production preferred for the first walk down the aisle. But while stripping away the bells and whistles is preferred, there is a great opportunity to include features that turn the spotlight to the most important element of the nuptials, you and your groom:

Make it an adventure
Destination weddings and all-inclusive resort ceremonies are popular choices for the encore bride. With so many international options to choose from, the nuptials can take place in style at any number of international destinations. Keep in mind the many exotic location options within the states as well – Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands to name a few.

romantic-glamorous-sophisticated-short-hair-wedding-hair-02Keep it intimate
The most important members of the wedding party are the bride and the groom. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are not a necessity and stripping them away leaves the focus on the couple and their union. Remember, designated guests can serve as witnesses for the signing of the marriage license, and aside from that official process, it is the intimacy of the ceremony itself that creates a special bond for the newlyweds on wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to wear white…….
There is no hard and fast rule against wearing white for a second wedding. All brides have the option of selecting the dress of their dreams – even in white.

…but why not try a color?
If you are more fashionista than traditional bride, kick it up a notch by choosing a dress in color! Gowns are showing up in pastel colors such as blush, soft pink and light blue. I recently had the honor of fulfilling the request of an encore bride who chose an ultra-sexy apple red gown for her day. Wanting the best of both worlds, she also selected a simple white gown for her formal photographs.

africanamerican_natural_hairstyle_black_brides_modage033_jpgcc90149bdd13e9cc30b68adcc0364da4 copyConsider a surprise ceremony
While there is certainly more work involved in pulling off a surprise ceremony, imagine the excitement when guests realize they were considered important enough to include in a special occasion sans the pre- wedding fanfare.

Poised is excited to celebrate second unions delivered with the style an elegance that only an Encore Bride can bring!

Valerie Royal is a contributing writer at Poised Magazine.