New Book Showcases Encore Business Owners of Faith & Color

There is no disputing Queen Oprah’s influence and business acumen. She provides jobs for many as well as opportunities for others to make money. She is an entrepreneur, and she is Oprah. But you knew that already. At this present time she is a black woman’s guiding light, shining example of what it means to own a business – no pun intended. Or is she?

When Women Become Business Owners (TYMM Publishing, June 2015), demonstrates that we all have the ability to be just as entrepreneurial under almost any circumstance. The book is an anthology of stories and solid business advice from 22 real women as collected by Tyora Moody, a web and literary entrepreneur. She says, “The stories represent a variety of experiences and backgrounds, and the women are a diverse group in age and accomplishment from every region of the United States.”

Standout contributors to WWBBO are encore women who are in some cases pursuing an entrepreneurial path as a second act or who have been working for themselves for a number of years. They provide a spectrum of compelling information ranging from motivational and inspirational good words to practical how-to advice to the story. You will want to read the story as told by these mature women who have overcome insurmountable odds to achieve their version of the dream.

There is Sarah Keeva, a bed and breakfast owner in Akron, Ohio. Sarah had originally worked as a singer, producer with artists such as Fred Hammond and Ben Tankard. Renee Wiggins has forged a career as a dietician, nutritionist and personal trainer, and is now a wellness expert with her own radio program and line of books. Jeanette W. Hill is a stay-at-home mother who is a playwright and theatrical producer. And Monica Anderson (Dr. Moe) is a dentist who has grown a successful book publishing empire.

Also featured in WWBBO are literary and speaking entrepreneur Yolanda Johnson-Bryant, and PR professional Robin Caldwell who contributes the chapter, “Aging Entrepreneurially,” which touches on the legacy of enterprising women in our lineages. Savai Smith rounds out the contributors as the non-traditional business owner in a male-dominated industry – commercial and industrial painting.
Book publisher Tyora Moody says, “I am so grateful for the seasoned contributors, because they share wisdom and they do not hold back in telling real truths about real women in business. They are brave and if they can do it, anyone can.”

Pre-order When Women Become Business Owners on AmazonKindle and Kobo now. Visit the Tymm Publishing site for more information about the book, and the Stepping into Victory website to learn more about the contributors.