Jewels Anyone?

Written by Kesha FranklinFounder and Interior Designer of

I’m sure you’re already thinking about the beautiful Fall trends you’re going to fill your closet with this season, like fashion, there are interior design must-haves for your home. This season it’s all about luxurious colors and detailed accents. As shown in our feature image, the mix of blues, cinnamon, black and gold blend effortlessly together. The contrast of light and dark highlight each item in the design, making it a show piece that’s ready for its Fall debut!

The best part of Fall for me, besides a fabulous coat and great boots of course, is snuggling up in bed on a crisp fall day surrounded by warm colors and plush bedding. Doesn’t this bed make you want to get lost under the covers? The use of vibrant purples, teal and gold allow the deep navy wall covering to blend harmoniously into a rhythm of jeweled bliss!







royal entryRoyal Entry
This hand-dyed textile wall art reminds me of my recent visit to Madrid, the colors and textures are reminiscent of the beauty of the country and its rich vibrant culture. The mix of chrome, gold and acrylic accents lends to the elegance of the vignette. Incorporate these elements and a jewel- toned color palette into your entry for a warm and stimulating welcome.






plum purplePlum Purple
Color has always been known to bring life and energy to anything it touches. In our feature image it has done just that. The built-in bookcase has been drenched in a rich shade of plum making a statement that calls attention to more than just books. Intensify your office or living space with an unexpected jewel tone color for a room that evokes passion and speaks to the senses.





Jewel–noun; a precious stone, typically a single crystal or a piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral, cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished for use as an ornament.

I believe we all live amongst Jewels. They’re in the people we surround ourselves with, in special moments in our lives and we can find them in items that we possess that have sentimental value. Jewels, whether expressed in people, places, things or in color, all evoke the same emotions…Precious, Lustrous and Beautiful! Now who doesn’t want to live amongst that!

Change is coming, so let’s welcome Fall for the Jewels that it brings!

BE Lustrous! BE Strong! BE Precious! BE Beautiful!