From the Inside Out: 5 Easy Steps to Skin Renewal

Written by Jeanette Bronée,

The 5 R’s of Renewal:

1. Rehydrate your skin – The winter has left you high and dry from the inside out. Drink plenty of water with electrolytes or coconut water to get that lit-from-within glow.

skincarebw2. Remoisten your skin – Consume some healthy fats from avocados and nuts, which help with cell turnover and retaining the moisture you’re getting from all that water. Put them on top of pretty much any food or mix them into a smoothie with fresh greens.

3. Refresh your skin – Getting the starches from winter out of your system is essential, consider it a cleanse for your skin. Give your intestinal tract a “toner” with green juice, try a morning smoothie to start your day off right.


4. Reboot your skin – Start adding in some fresh raw veggies, from shredded carrots to beets and daikon, fiber is necessary to spring cleaning your diet.

5. Renew your skin – Add legumes to your food choices, like beans or lentil salads. Lentils help skin cells renew because they contain both protein and important B6-vitamins.

Jeanette Bronée, Founder of the Path For Life Self Nourishment Center, is an inspiring Nourishment Counselor and Health Advocate. She believes that food is both our medicine and our tool for optimal wellness.

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