Cultural Design Reveal

Written by Kesha Franklin, founder of The Beautiful Experience

As we celebration Black History Month, I’m excited to share gallery images of my African-inspired project. The design is all about neutrals, warm Earth tones, cultural statement pieces, and the bold impression the lack of color can make. The African accents inspired a close up look at nature’s design and the talents of skilled craftsmen. Enjoy the afternoon trip abroad!


*Limestone Re-Design*


The design concept for this Limestone Row house was cultural sophistication. My client wanted a neutral color scheme with accents that highlighted her love for African art and textiles, and accessories that acknowledged the talents of skilled craftsmen. The design commanded simplicity, natural textures and a color palette that allowed the furnishings and accent pieces to take center stage. The end result is a warm, inviting, sophisticated home that tells a story of a rich history and culture.

*Exotic Accents*


Exotic accessories are the perfect complement to a worldly design. The organic elements, natural textures, and Earth tone color palette of each unique accent piece will enhance your design and invite you to explore wildlife and Earth’s bounty at the hand of the craftsman. In our feature image a cheetah print accent chair is anchored by a zebra skin rug, while a hand carved wood floor lamp is topped with a shade made out of coconut straw. The crafted mango wood vases and the textile accent pillows and throw complete the look of worldly refinement.

*Earth’s Tones*


Creating a warm inviting space starts with a neutral color palette that is accented by the Earth’s rich tones. Nature is the absolute best when it comes to design, so what better way to achieve perfection than with a color palette filled with neutrals that mimic Earth’s natural stones and sandy beaches, along with bark browns, leaf greens, sea blues and sun kissed oranges. The right color combination is sure to evoke an instant sense of harmony, peace and calm, the only way nature can. So hit the paint store and create a color scheme that is inspired by a stroll in the park or the fond memory of an exotic vacation!

The world we live in today is a melting pot of cultures filled with many beliefs and customs, these different cultures play a huge part in design through art, textiles and furnishings. I immerse myself in various cultures
everyday searching for inspiration to enhance my design concepts and add cultural presence into my clients’ homes and work spaces. Be inspired by your culture and infuse it into your environment through design!


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