To Color Or Not To Color

Written by Yessina Hernandez, Owner of Salon

As the seasons change so do the fashions, and what a fantastic way to transition into a new fall . This years’ tones are full of eggplant purples, rich sun kiss browns and sunset reds. But best of all, are the techniques used to show off the brilliancy of these colors. The hot looks to choose from are balayagea, marbling and the non-permanent solution like .

5eb9789b25cb40b8c77ff7624d08586cBalayage is a hand painted hair-coloring technique that shows off lowlights and/or highlights. The shades can range anywhere from dark to light, and give your tress the movement of waves on the ocean. Colors popular to try are the mixture of sun kiss browns and the sunset reds. The browns and red combo give a beautiful depth to the hair. If you are not of fan of the browns, other combos to try are rich blonds with hand painted ends of lighter soft blonds. It will give a new meaning to blonds have more fun along with the pop of color you desire for your overall  look.



marbleizedhairMarbling is the next big thing in hair trends that generate a soft movement, which is creative, and eye catching. This technique can be as wild or mild as the person that sits in your chair. For the individual that needs a change but would like to keep a professional look, hair marble with just two to three colors close in tone can do the “I tried something new with my hair look” and still maintain your office appearance. The colors to try this season are, orchid, magenta and light purples or metallic hair shimmers with different hues of silver, grey and titanium. For calmer spirit, try basic browns and/or blonds.


d36fcb2e7abee1f8da937c444412c5c3The last funky hair fun to do this season is hair paint/hair chalk. These jazzy tools can be done on young teens in the bang area for a splash of color, or on adults for a pop of color without the long-term commitment. The paint/chalk are temporary and will not compromise the integrity of the hair. Companies such as L’Oreal Professional and Redken Professionals are some of the corporations that created this enjoyable product.

Yessina Hernandez is the owner of based in Charlotte, NC and author of Natural Hair Questions and Answers from a Stylist’s Perspective. Follow Yessina @SenkayHair on Twitter.

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