Classically Beautiful

Welcome to Poised.

Writer Alessandra Stanley and the NY Times did not expect the powerful left hook and outrage they received from Black Women in all shades and ages when they labeled Shonda Rhimes an “Angry Black Woman” and called Viola Davis “Less Classically Beautiful.” Those were fighting words to Black women, similar to “Yo Mama” jokes growing up. The media thought it was OK to insult our very own publicly and we came out fighting (rightfully so)! The problem with the media is they continue to see Black women as one-dimensional who are always “cussing, head-shaking, finger-wagging angry women especially if you are over 40, in a unique and underserved niche -the African American Female Baby Boomer.

Black Women 40-65+ are not your stereotypical personas the media has portrayed us to be. Our legacy is rich and colorful. Look at our ancestors through the generations and some of our celebrity pioneers like Lena Horne, Ruby Dee, Billie Holiday, Althea Gibson just to name a few who blazed the trails with style and grace despite the obstacles they faced.

Introducing Poised Magazine

It is because of this realization – needing positive multi dimensional images and information about life after 40, I’m delighted to introduce you to Poised Magazine.

Our Vision is clear. We want to be the No. 1 lifestyle brand for African American mature women 40+ yrs. old with relevant content and messages developed specifically for us. We live in a different age; black women are not the stereotypical persona the media has portrayed the female baby boomer as i.e. old, look old, feel old, broke, angry and fussing.

Our Mission is to provide an outlet for Black Women who are in full control of re-defining their lives and the possibilities for future generations, with their unique perspective on beauty, love, relationships, health, fashion, finance and career and how to approach them with success without fear.

Our Goal is provide credible and relevant content to our intelligent, sexy and fierce audience who are connected, active and but often ignored.

We will not be limited, reduce, or ignored! We will be seen and heard!
For, we are indeed #ClassicallyBeautiful and we are… Poised!