Bringing Back a Classic

Written by Chef Dawn Tyson

February – Do you think Ground Hogs Day or even President’s day? No, you think Valentine’s Day. Am I Right? A holiday filled with Chocolate, flowers or even a carriage ride through Central Park. Whatever you do to celebrate with your Honey is what makes Valentine’s Day special. So pop the bubbly and enjoy!

Creamy delicious chocolate is what I think about during this holiday. Well, to be very honest chocolate is on my “top 10 list” most of the year. What could be better?
Chocolate is creamy, silky, succulent, sexy… I digress… this rich delicious classic recipe just makes me feel ….well, Better… Baby! ☺

Classic is a recipe that I thought would be a great part of any Valentines day celebration. Here is what you need:

12 ounces of your favorite type of chocolate
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate
¾ cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons of your favorite liqueur – such as: Chambord –raspberry flavor, Contreau – orange flavor, Creame de Menthe – mint flavor, Kahlua – coffee flavor

Cut chocolate into small pieces if necessary. Melt chocolate in the tip of a double boiler with the heavy cream. Add liqueur. If mixture is too thick, add a little more cream to thin it down. Taste and add more liqueur if desired. Pour into a fondue pot (Keep reading – I talk about fondue pots below). Surround the pot with items to dip into the fondue. Have wooden skewers or fondue forks on hand.

Possible fondue dippers: kiwi, strawberries, grapes, marshmallows, sponge cake, angel food cake, pretzels, cherries, potato chips, bananas, cookies.

Since Fondue has become – or sustained – its foothold on folks let’s talk about how to buy a Fondue set.

There is such a huge variety of fondue sets out there you many have trouble deciding what’s right for you. There are three main types of Fondue – cheese, chocolate and meat – and each set may cater to a particular type.

And there are three types of Fondue pots – or three ways Fondue pots are fueled.

Fuel based fondue pots will use denatured alcohol, sterno cans or some other type of liquid fuel. Fuel based fondue pots work best when they are made of a ceramic material. This allows for better heat distribution. Make sure you have a extinguisher on hand if you are going to be using an open flame in the house. For me, I like to use fuel based fondue pots if I am having fondue outside on my deck—like a romantic dinner under the stars. I worry about them in my home.

Electric based fondue pots are made from metal and are usually have a nonstick surface that really comes in handy when cleaning. I love my electric fondue pot because I can control the temperature better. These pots work the best for hot oil cooking or meat fondue. Be careful many of the electric fondue pots have short cords – if you use an extension cord – please do with caution. Make sure the extension cord is not set up somewhere it can be tripped over.

Then finally, there are small fondue pots made specifically for chocolate fondue. These pots will use a tea-light candle instead of electricity or fuel. So, when you are ready to buy your set, look for a sturdy one that is able to do the types of fondue you want to do. There are some sets that are interchangeable. Look on line and check out reviews on sets. When you get your first fondue pot, invite friends over and open a great bottle of wine and enjoy fondue

A Goodnight Kiss A cocktail that will go great with your chocolate fondue. You need:

Champagne glasses (probably two)
Angostura bitters
sugar cubes
Your favorite dry champagne

Place one cube of sugar on the bottom of the champagne glass. Add a drop of Angostura bitter to the cube. Add a splash of Campari and then fill it up with Champagne.

“Keep it Cookin”
Chef Dawn

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