Are You Ready For A Getaway?

Written by Life Coach TracyMac

With the fall on the horizon, many of us enjoyed summer vacations, staycations or maybe a quick getaway. Some destinations allowed us to relax, while other places may have had us so busy enjoying the time away, we had to return home to rest. Some were right on the money and some just cost money. What if there were a place where you go and have a perfect getaway every time and anytime? There is! I’d like to offer you a suggestion. One of the best places you can go for an amazing getaway. It’s a place called “YOU”.

Over the years, I’ve had clients tell me they don’t like being by themselves. Well it’s a difference between being by yourself versus being with yourself. One can mean being lonely and the latter simply means being alone. So in keeping with the latter, take time to be alone because if you don’t want to be alone with you sometimes, who else will? You are enough to be with. Go within, have those consistent inner-views of your exquisite landscape.

You are worthy to enjoy your own company. It doesn’t require you to purchase a ticket, passport and no need for you to have any reservation. The convenient location is designed for you and is newly renovated each time you show up. It’s all inclusive and any tips collected are yours to keep. Mental and Spiritual transportation are provided and the impeccable service always comes with a complementary wake up call. The investment is a little time, and the ROI is sweet!

Tracy_Poised Magazine Ad Aug-Sept 2014Take time to be alone to invite times of stillness, prayer, meditation and relaxation. They are not only reserved for religious practices but are great habits and conduits that allow your greatest self to emerge. You can speak kind things to yourself from the mouth of your mind. Write down all the things you like and appreciate about yourself. Go a period of time without negative thoughts about yourself and others. Fix your favorite meal or drink. Add two minutes to your shower time. Sit quietly in the car for a few minutes before going into your home and enjoy your own presence, like the present it is. Make a list of the things you like to do. After all, you wouldn’t want be your worst fan, infrequent tourist or most popular stranger. Would you?

There are so many other ways of getting away to you. It’s not selfish. And learning more about you who are will teach others how to treat you by using self-discovery and your purpose as the lesson plan. But that lesson starts as an inside job – a one room schoolhouse. Think of other creative ways to get to you that promote balance and health. It’s beneficial to you and serves those you love. Get away to the place called “YOU”. It’s sure to be a 5-star experience you won’t want to live without.