10 Hairstyles for Mature Women in 2015

Like fashion our hair has to be right on trend and on point for the New Year. Here is a list of 10 Hairstyles trending in 2015. These styles are age appropriate for more mature women. These styles are flattering, youthful and chic. There are a variety of styles, to fit your personality and personal style.

10. Short and Sassy Pixie Cut
This style is perfect to start the New Year. It highlights the face. It will bring your features and get you ready for all of the New Years festivities. This cut is soft and feminine. “Using a razor is great because it gives the ends movement and texture” said Chris Lospalluto Alberto V05 spokesman and New York City hairstylist.

9. Curly / Kinky Greys
For the new year 2015, let go of the relaxers and hair dyes. Go au-naturel, you ll be on trend. Embrace the greys!

8. Bob Diva
This Hairstyle is very appropriate for Older Women In 2015. With the right cut you can look ten times more youthful. If you have great cheek bones show them off. It is a new year take a little risk.

7. High Top
High Top fade are making a come back. This hairstyle is very structured. If you have soft features that you like to bring out, give this style a try. Very low maintenance. And on trend.

6. Teeny Weeny Afro
Before your mane gets to number 9 you will get to this awkward state that many women dread. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Rock your Teeny Weeny Afro proudly, it will be trending in 2015 and very youthful.

5. Asymmetric Bob Cuts
This style should hit you just above your shoulders with an asymmetric side for added sass. This Hairstyles for Older Women Trending In 2015 because of the length, it is mature with a youthful twist. Who doesn’t want to remain youthful?

4. Pastel Hair
This is funky, fun and kick ass. If this describes your personality then this trending hairstyle 2015 might suit you. This style will transition to the New Year. The younger crowd is rocking grey hair. The more mature group is venturing to something more fun and hip. It is very risky but again some women are bold and willing to rock pastel hair.

3. Locs
Locs are here to stay. Don’t hide the grey hair, embrace it instead. Women love locs because they are low maintenance, versatile and effortlessly stylish.

2. Medium Length with a Heavy Side Swept
It’s either bangs or botox_ bangs. They are a lot cheaper and less painful. This hairstyle for older women trending in 2015 is plain sexy. Its hip,fresh without going short. It is flattering, this cut gives you the flexibility of wear the layers under or outward for an even more flirtatious look. Velcro rollers are perfect to create and maintain these curls.

1. Long Layered Hairstyles for Older Women
These layers are timeless. They are sixties inspired but very on trend and are making a come back in the year 2015. If you are sensitive about your hairline this is one of the Hairstyles for Older Women Trending In 2015 allows you to soften your face without to many angles.

(This article previously appeared on Trending Hairstyles.com)
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